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Is Your Relationship With Money Healthy?

What are Money Wounds?

Money Wounds, are experiences, events, beliefs, and relationships which create a way of relating to money that, limits your ability to increase, save, invest, make good money decisions, and limit your ability to live a full life?

Hello Diamonds !

Healing Your Money Wounds master class is a pre-lude to my “Becoming A Woman with Wealth” program.

You will identify if you have any money wounds that may be lodged in your subconscious, blocking the ability to accept your right to be rich. You will have the opportunity to gain a new perspective and shift your money energy to attract the life you truly desire. Learn to embrace your true identity and apply the practical tools of self-discipline to eliminate debt and build wealth.

I’ve made it digital so you may watch it repeatedly for the next 30 days. Let the Journey begin!

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Diamond Wealth

DeLayna M. Elliott

Diamond Wealth Coach

There are so many of you who are at the cusp of a financial breakthrough. Yet, you are not seeing the fruit of the work you are putting in.

It could be that there are some underlying Money Wounds keeping you from that which you desire & deserve!!

This deal was specifically created for YOU!

Your invitation to this Masterclass is a direct reflection of my level of gratitude for each and every one of you...”

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